TikTok enables tips for content creators

TikTok continues to attract content generators, and money is usually a good retention argument. The social network announced a new feature for users to leave tips in the profiles and that the beneficiaries can redeem 100% of that income.

According to Tech Crunch, this feature has started to appear in high impact profiles, but a prior approval process is required to access this benefit.

The monetization of content in times of pandemic has been vital for thousands of people around the world to find an income opportunity in the midst of a sudden economic downturn.

Has been the TikToker Jera Bean who published the inclusion of this system in his official account, in addition to the location in the settings menu:

Tips on social networks

TikTok is not the first social network to apply this reward method. Twitter released a tip jug a few months ago for some specific accounts.

YouTube added a few months ago the “Thank you” button to leave an amount of money on each published video, regardless of whether it is live or prerecorded.

Tips on TikTok: what requirements must you meet

To access this benefit, TikTok accounts must meet some conditions. To begin with, they must have at least 100,000 followers and not accumulate penalties. On the platform, they can request to register in the rewards system and wait for a notification in the account with the approval.

Once this option is approved, a tip button will appear in the profile that can be used by users for their donations. While the heap received passes in full to the profile owner, there is no information on whether TikTok will impose a commission on this income in the future.