TikTok star Francesco LoPresti dies of cancer at the age of 24

He became a social media celebrity with his pranks: Francesco LoPresti. Now the Italian has died at the age of just 24. He succumbed to testicular cancer.

“I’m gonna beat the shit out of this cancer,” he wrote on his Instagram account ten weeks ago. Francesco LoPresti has “confidence” that he will be successful in the fight against the disease. Now the Italian is dead. Adriana, a close confidant, announces this in a post: “It is with a heavy heart that I tell everyone that my niece Kaitlin’s friend, Francesco, who was like a nephew to me, has lost his battle with cancer .”

More than 730,000 people followed him on TikTok, where they mainly saw how he played tricks in his videos – in the video here you can see excerpts of his actions. But in addition to his cheerfulness, the influencer suffered from testicular cancer. He passed away at the age of just 24.

“He fought a brave fight with so much love and support from many, many people,” Adriana said in the post, adding, “Francesco’s love and life will always be remembered. Thank you for all the hugs and holding my hands last night.”

Together with his girlfriend Kaitlin Reagan, Francesco LoPresto became a famous couple on TikTok. She alone has more than 100 million likes on her account, her number of followers there: 3.1 million. Her aunt closed her post with the words: “Thank you to everyone who prayed for him. It means a lot to his family and my family.” Francesco LoPresti is originally from Sicily and, according to information on his Instagram profile, lived in New York. Whether he died there is not clear from the death notice.