TikTok: This cat imitates its owner when she brushes her hair

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Updated: May 3rd, 2021 – 9.45pm

Smart velvet paws
Viral video proves: cats imitate humans!

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Studies have shown that some cats mimic human behavior.

Susan brushes her hair – and her cat Scout does the same. The human behavior of the house tiger goes viral on the social media platform TikTok and amazes everyone.

Have you ever wondered why your cat always lies down on your computer keyboard? Researchers at the Loránd University in Budapest have found that the velvet paws do not seek the warmth of the laptop, but imitate human behavior. This amazing ability has so far only been observed in exceptionally intelligent animals such as orcas, monkeys and dolphins.

The Cats mimic human behavior, also proves a TikTok video that went viral: can be seen a cat who imitates its owner while she is brushing her hair.

TikTok: Cat imitates its owner when she brushes her hair

The TikTok user @misshmhm just wanted to share a cute video of her cat – and it went viral! Within a very short time, the clip was seen 8.5 million times and liked 3.1 million times.

In the 30-second recording, the cat scout observes his owner while she is brushing her hair. Nothing unusual at first. It only gets strange when the tabby kitty stands on her back legs and also starts to rub her paws over her head – as if she were trying to brush her fur.

You can watch the TikTok video here!

Surprising finding: cats imitate humans

Scout isn’t the first cat to imitate humans in this way. In the comments, experiences are exchanged: “My cat always tries to spoon its food with its paws,” says a German user.

Another user reveals: “Every evening I drink a glass of milk and my cat sits next to me and also drinks from his cup. He stops when I stop and he continues to drink when I continue to drink.”

Cats learn from us

In the comment column it is also speculated why the house tiger tries to brush its fur: “Could it be that this happens if you take the cat away from its mother too early?”, Wonders a user. Another jokes: “It looks more like the cat is trying to show her how to do it properly. But really cute.”

Why cats imitate humans is unclear. But it is believed that the animals want to learn from their owners and want to feel connected to them.

Be a role model for cats

Researchers at the University of Lincoln and Nottingham Trent University have also found that cats adapt to the personality and lifestyle of their owners. Animals and people who live in the same household often show similar eating, sleeping and activity behavior.

Anyone who has cats at home should therefore pay particular attention to a healthy lifestyle. Because if you just hang out on the couch all day, your house tiger will imitate this behavior and also lie on the lazy skin.

Too little exercise and unhealthy eating habits can lead to obesity: what to do if your cat is too fat.

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