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Because of the quarantine implemented by the COVID-19thousands of peruvians are in their homes as a preventive measure. Under this context, various colleges and universities decided to make their classes through video calls with the aim of further imparting knowledge to all their students. And, as expected, several of the teachers will figure out how to teach classes, becoming viral in the social networks.

However, in the midst of these sessions at a distance tend to spend all sorts of things, one of them has become viral in TikTokas shown to a teacher in a peruvian using a peculiar method for calling the attention of all their students. What thing did you do?

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As you can see in these images TikTokyou , the teacher, was talking with all of her students, when she suddenly pulled out some action figures of the Avengers to do a lot more ‘teaching’ the teachings that he gave to all of his virtual class.

The teacher is peruvian, started talking about the Second World War and, to be able to ‘portray’ the conflict that was experienced during these years, used a doll of Captain America, and another Iron Man, who had a fight in the Movie Universe of Marvel.

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Thousands of users TikTok had comments of approval by the peculiar method which he used this young teacher to keep attentive to their students, with whom he converses on a daily basis through video calls.

We’ll leave you the fun video posted on TikTok and other social networks, which until now has more than 80,000 views and hundreds of comments. What do you think? Don’t forget to review the viral and leave your opinion.

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Asks for permission to your teacher to go to the bathroom and this has a furious reaction

Due to the advancement that has had the COVID-19 in several cities in the world has implemented a mandatory quarantine for the purpose of avoiding further infection. It is in this framework that several colleges and universities have chosen to provide virtual classes through video calls in a variety of applications and platforms. However, in the midst of these study sessions go on all sorts of things, as this particular scene viral TikTok in which a teacher upset with a student who asked permission to go to the bathroom.

The tense discussion was shared on social networks and has generated controversy due to the unique situation experienced by the young student with his teacher.

As revealed in these images TikTokyou , the teacher, was talking with all of her students, when suddenly one of them asked if he could go to the bathroom. The professor did not endure this situation and reacted in the worst possible way. The images with this peculiar scene became viral in countries like Mexico, Spain and United States.

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Parrot wants to be in the virtual class with its owner and a professor ends up expelling them

To not believe. A young man and his parrot have become the protagonists of the story the more curious YouTube that has made laugh to thousands of people in the social networksespecially in United States, Mexico, Spain, among other countries. The young man was in your class virtual, without imagining that because of your pet the teacher will end up releasing it, as can be seen in a viral video that became trend all over the world. What was it that happened? Here we will tell you all the details.

It all started when Mario Vaza, a young man living in Mexicowas receiving virtual classes, without realizing that their parrot had been cast and was behind him. The boy went to the bathroom and upon returning noticed that the teacher had been expelled. Why?

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Student insults his teacher in full-class virtual and he reacts in surprising ways

You’ll be surprised. Through Facebook it has spread a video that has become viral and has amazed thousands of users, as it displays the precise moments in which a young man insults his teacher in the middle of a virtual class. The student forgot he had his microphone turned off, so that the master and his companions heard his expletive. The curious scene was made to trend quickly in different social networks of countries such as Spain, Mexico and United States.

According to the description of the video, which has more than 170,000 views Facebookthe young man is a student of the Universidad Privada San Juan Bautista, a centre of higher education a few weeks ago began their classes in virtual form.

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Professor became popular after wearing a ‘trick’ to add odd numbers in seconds

Due to the quarantine by the COVID-19, thousands of people are locked up in their homes to avoid the contagion. Under this context, a teacher is peruvian, took advantage of the social networks to show an unusual trick to add odd numbers and that the little ones can perform their tasks in record time. Thanks to TikTok, it became viral among thousands of users.

In his most recent clip, the teacher peruvian showed what is the easiest way of adding odd numbers and their curious method became a trend in various social networks. Rommel Perez Ripa, as it is called this professor causes furor in TikTok, has gained thousands of followers on social networks, who do not hesitate to thank you for these simple tricks. Do you want to learn them?

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Peruvian chef became popular in TikTok after you prepare ceviche a quick and easy way

The users of social networks fell prostrate before a peruvian chef, who became popular due to a viral video in which he appears preparing a delicious ceviche a quick and easy way. Through Facebook and TikTok can be seen as the expert chef revealed his greatest secret. As was expected, became a trend in a matter of hours on the digital platforms.

Due to the quarantine to slow the advance of the COVID-19, thousands of restaurants in Peru have closed their doors, so that the popular ceviche has become one of the dishes most missed at the tables. However, thanks to a simple tutorial shared Facebook and TikTok, you will learn to prepare it yourself. The images are viralizaron in social networks, as many love this dish. Do you feel like to prepare it?

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