Tiktoker shows off his gun and is stopped by the police

a tiktoker wanted to share with his followers his taste for pistols, but when he showed his weapon a policeman appeared and stopped him.

Sometimes firearms turn out to be striking for young people and when they manage to have access they choose to show it off on social networks, without taking into account the danger that this implies or that they could even be committing a crime.

As it happened to a young man

, who took advantage of his social network to inform about his taste for weapons and to presume the one he had acquired, without imagining that it would get him in trouble with the law.

What I like is lead

In the video shared through the Chinese platform, the boy appears saying that “what I like is lead, cousin. And whoever wants lead with me there is going to see them with me ”, while showing his weapon to the camera and takes it out the window of the car in which he is traveling.

Suddenly the sirens of a patrol were heard, and although the tiktoker He tried to hide his pistol, it was too late, as the uniformed men appeared next to him.

Because the tiktoker He was moving his gun near the sale, it was easy for the police to distinguish the gun, so they did not hesitate to approach the car to arrest the subject who was carrying it.

And although at first the young man showed off his weapon, when he saw the officers he was fearful and wanted to hide it but he no longer had time.

In networks they react by tiktoker that shows off his weapon

On social media, users thanked the officers for stopping the

that he was carrying a firearm, as they indicated that his irresponsibility could end in a tragedy.

Even some Internet users did not hesitate to point out the boy’s carelessness, indicating that he was wagging the gun all the time, and put his life and that of his companion who was driving at risk.