Tiktokerka suggests Kate Middleton is using BOTOKS and has STOTHINGS: “Let’s start talking about what people REALLY look like”

Kate Middleton and Prince William for years they have been considered the greatest showcase of the British monarchy. After Megxit, they became the main representation of the queen at banquets and official celebrations. Kate and her Blue Blood husband, in turn, fulfill their obligations so well that they have gained not only the sympathy but also the respect of their subjects.

An important part of the image Kate Middleton there is, of course, her appearance. Although many consider her a natural beauty, who still shines at events after the birth of three children and years of royal duties, there have been rumors about the alleged corrections in the lobby for a long time. It is no secret that the Duchess underwent, among others, Dental metamorphosis and today he regales his subjects with a perfect smile.

Unfortunately, these rumors concern not only Kate’s teeth, but also hers alleged love for “baby botox” or attachmentswhich, however, the Palace has repeatedly denied. Despite assurances that Middleton just has good genes and a lot of luck, some people don’t quite believe it. Now the case has decided to look at the tiktokerka name Amandawho is also convinced that hair extensions and aesthetic medicine are no strangers to her.

In the recording that she shared on a popular website, she touched on the topic Kate’s latest photos from the premiere of “Top Gun: Maverick”. She emphasized that her goal was not to slander the duchess or cause controversy. She even mentioned between the words that she would like to undergo similar beauty treatments in her place, but the problem is building an image on a lie.

I want to talk about Kate Middleton being a natural beauty. I know it’s quite a controversial topic, but I’m going to talk about it with respect. Kate is a natural beauty, but not all natural beauty at all. Since visiting the Caribbean Sea, people praise her for its brilliance and for not getting old, on the contrary, looking younger and younger. I don’t know if the complimenters are aware that they fit in with the rhetoric that has surrounded royals for generations. If they look perfect, they have been anointed by God to fulfill their function, and they are better than the general public. The year is 2022, I think it’s time to admit that this is not true – she said.

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The first thing that was to catch her eyes was the inconsistency in the appearance of the princess in the photos from the premiere. It was supposed to have on some of them perfect complexion, almost smoothed in graphic programs, others showed unevenness and uneven skin tone. Therefore, there is a suspicion that some of the photos from the event went to the network only after graphic processing.

Many of these photos have filters. I don’t think the fans did it, but the photographers themselves. These photos have undergone a huge amount of processing, but there were still many people who said that it is not true and that she is just so beautiful. She is a beautiful woman, but she does not look like being lashed with filters in real life. And there is no problem with that, neither am I – she explained.

Another is the report of the aforementioned amendments. Amanda mentioned, inter alia, about botox or attachments that Kate was supposed to have a lot in common with for years.

This woman is 40 years old, give her 40 years old. She has a whole team that makes sure she looks perfect. Hairdressers and even doctors who injected her with Botox have been talking about it for years. We are also talking about changes in the dentition, after all, you can see that they differ from those she had before she joined the royals. It is also worth mentioning the attachments that have been whispered for a long time. After all, you can see that he is wearing a headband, which is carefully covered – she argued.

In the end, she assured that her goal was not to attack Kate, but to fight for the truth so as not to conquer unrealistic standards of beauty.

I’m not doing this to embarrass Kate. Amendments are normal, if I could afford it I would. I just want people to stop telling people it’s just nature when it just isn’t – she summed up.

Do you think something is really up?

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You can see the effect of botulinum toxin at the site of a lion’s wrinkle, crow’s feet and possibly transverse forehead wrinkles. A small face lift with hyaluronic acid was also performed. Kate looks healthy, nothing is exaggerated. We managed to achieve the effect of subtle and non-intrusive corrections 🙂

No secrets …

2 days to this

Of course he has Botox on his forehead, a lion’s wrinkle and around his eyes….

Well, she has, because she is in such a family and she can afford it! such Donatella or Price, which are so transformed that … they already scare you !?

Well, it is good that more and more is said about the fact that photos of many famous people are often retouched. Perhaps there will be less depression among young girls and women who get into complexes that they are not as perfect as their idols. The funny thing is, or the most tragic, if you prefer that these usually girls or women are often densely pretty and shapely, but because of these unsatisfied ideals, they are too critical of themselves.

The ubiquitous promotion of a great look. Like never now, the exterior is promoted, rarely speaking of successes, achievements in relation to women. Unfortunately, women also drive this machine themselves. New eyelashes, eyebrows, nails and a few hundred a month. Who makes money on it – other women of course 🙂 machine to earn money like a gear wheel, because you have to complete it. This is how it works. Environmental pressure. The nail must be applied, ordinary varnish is not enough;), I’m not talking here and mega weak plates btw.

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There was such a program of swans to be

Is it any wonder she uses botox? Now it’s a standard for women over 30, not only celebrities. It looks beautiful and natural so I don’t see a problem.

So what if he has Botox? What is going to tell reporters about botox? Hahahah

It is not about someone “doing” or not … Everything is for people … It is not about giving someone a kick because of attachments or botox … What is harmful is the persistent claim of “done” people that they are so by nature !!! Photoshopping photos is also not good for the image – the truth about a real face will always come out sooner or later, because you cannot hide or isolate your whole life … no one blames her for botoxing, making fillers, adding hair … but persistent lying about this topic is a scratch on her image …

She hideously honors these huge veneers, you can see that her teeth are made of veneers or implants, she used to have other veneers. he honestly honors them

in the 19th and 20th centuries people looked like people, now lots of women look like from Madame Tussaud’s wax museum

She definitely has botox in her forehead. I am as old as her and my friends at that age, all mothers have a lion’s wrinkle more and more visible.

Botox can be seen with the naked eye, on the other hand, it is not a super luxury, but rather an available treatment. I have been doing it myself since I was 40, once in 4 months an expense of PLN 1,300 is not some space

well … and if she doesn’t do it regularly, she will quickly look like a dried raisin ????????????And in the end, she will be like our famous former conspirator … who has disfigured herself to the max, but who will forbid the rich ???

I am 42 years old and without any wrinkles, someone will tell me that I use Botox No !!! I use microdermabrasion, I put acids at this age, it’s not like an 18-year-old skin anymore. But there is no need to sow ferment. As for my teeth, I also whiten them beautiful. I am working to become Mnie. I propose to go to work and enjoy the benefits. I don’t understand women who cry and feel sorry for themselves ?? Open a business, start earning money for yourself. Healthy you are subsidies thinking doesn’t really hurt.

All this tiktok girl’s content is about Kate. She has an unhealthy obsession with her, she criticizes Kate all the time. I think I live life because the duchess has so much class and does not have to try very hard to look great.

Woman’s cramps are mean, let everyone do what they want, what do you care about it, grow old with dignity, use nivea cream and let others live your life, it’s still judging, too fat, too skinny, badly dressed, cut

I’m sick of these hamster cheeked faces. Me fucking, a massacre. Why do women like it?