Tili-tili “burned” after the action – the Queen and Tarzan paid the girl from “House-2” for an affair with their son


Star parents with all their forces tried to hide the orientation of Arkhip.

While the son of Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan is a minor, parents are responsible for him. Most recently, Arkhip Glushko broke up with a girl, as all the media write. And attentive observers got the question: did Arkhip really meet with Mary. The fact is that along with his grandmother, the mother of Natasha Koroleva, the young man went to live in the United States. Where he entered school and continued to study Japanese. Since Arkhip has been in America for a long time, he is used to a different mentality. In the United States, gay people are well treated, but in Russia they stick a finger at such people and can cripple them.

Perhaps that is why Arkhip's parents sent him to the states. It is worth noting that the guy often uploads photos with friends. Most of Glushko’s friends are girls. If there are guys there, then almost everyone in their personal account in the profile header has the LGBT flag. Subscribers Glushko Jr. wondered what orientation the guy. One of the commentators wrote that he saw Arkhip with another guy.

According to an insider, the guys were very nice to each other and manners.

“The tili-tili fired after the action,” the haters ridicule Arkhip in the network.

Most likely, Koroleva’s mother did not keep track of her grandson, and he switched to boys in another country or prefers bisexuality.

So all the cards came together, so Mary broke up with Arkhip. Is it true that the girl from “House-2” was paid by her parents for an affair with her son so that he would not be humiliated in Russia? Maria is not from a wealthy family and it is clear from her that she loves “easy” money, since she came to “House-2”.



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