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Tim Hofman responds to Marc-Marie Huijbregts sneer: ‘No messiah complex’

by archyw

In the podcast, co-host Aaf Brandt Corstius explains that Tim gave an interview in the Esquire. “That is of course, because it is also a bit about masculinity and femininity and he sometimes goes to a premiere in a dress,” says Aaf. Marc-Marie agrees with that: “Well, what he’s up against is that it’s a bit cultural appropriation of gays. I think he’s a little…”

“He steals the style of gays?” asks Aaf. “Yes”, Marc-Marie then says. “He also has to do it all that metrosexual so to speak, but it’s much easier for him of course… You see? It’s a bit like being white and then putting your hair in dreadlocks and saying: ‘Yeah, that’s what I think. I nice.'”

Marc-Marie then tells that he believes Tim has a Jesus complex. “He would prefer to arrive somewhere in Utrecht on a donkey with: hosanna, hosanna. That everyone hangs around.” For example, Marc-Marie finds it nonchalant that Tim is in the Esquireinterview says, “Now I’m worried about the Uyghurs.”

“It kind of sounds like, ‘Yeah, this afternoon I’m worrying about the Uyghurs.’ Or maybe every summer or the beginning of every week or something,” said Marc-Marie.

Tim has since responded extensively to Marc-Marie’s statements. ‘I don’t have a messiah complex, like the vast majority of all opinion makers, dopamine addicts and platformers here. I am a provincial from Vlaardingen who absolutely hates imbalanced power relations, taboos and oppressive constructs,” he writes on Twitter.

The presenter also responds to the accusation about cultural appropriation. ‘I get the point, I just don’t think clothing is linked to sexuality the way to go; as well as linking clothing to gender. In fact, that idea also gets in the way of straight men as far as I’m concerned.’

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