Time and Space for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

So all that remains the same. The remakes will mainly focus on a number of updates that will make your life as a player a lot easier. Thus the Exp. Instead of just sharing for one Pokémon at a time, the whole team gains experience defeating an opponent. HMs, those terrible things that prevented you from building a normal team but always had to have that one Pokémon with you for Rock Smash (ARGH), are no longer tied to a specific Pokémon, just like the recent games. You still have to collect them, but if you need them you don’t need just that Geodude that Rock Smash has.

If you use an HM, a wild Pokémon will come along and solve the problem for you. Ideal! Oh yeah, and you don’t have to go back to a Pokécenter every time to switch the Pokémon. You can always do that, just like in Pokémon Sword on Shield. Also not unimportant, after playing for a while you can have your Pokémon follow you as you complete your adventure.

A further much-discussed quality-of-life improvement is the improvement of the regularly castigated Pokédex from Pokémon Diamond on Pearl. After all, the remakes use the Pokédex from Pokémon Platinum. Only two Fire types were available, the evolutions of the starter Chimchar, and Ponyta. By contrast, 34 out of 151 in the Sinnoh-dex were Water types – roughly one in five. Fortunately, there is justice in the world in the form of Pokémon Platinum, which urgently needs to fine-tune the dex.

Whether the National Dex will come back after being scrapped in Pokémon Sword on Shield, seems unlikely. Anyway, I’ve been happy with the Platinum-dex for a long time.