Tímea Vajna responded to her late husband’s friends: “They only used and pulled Andy down”

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It has been four years today that the former government commissioner for film affairs, Andy Vajna, was found dead in his home. His young wife Tímea Vajna never forgets the anniversary. At such times, she goes to her late husband’s grave in Los Angeles, fills it with flowers, and spends the whole day looking at pictures of them together. We know this from the fact that he regularly shares the decorated resting place and the cheerful photos with his followers on his social media page. But he didn’t succeed in dedicating today only to memories, because Blikk spoke to film expert Viktor Dudás, Andy’s former good friend, who spoke, among other things, about how the producer didn’t give in to criticism and didn’t even take the advice of his friends very much, especially when it came to his personal life. “Many people tried to warn him or warn him against certain things, but he was never willing to sacrifice his own happiness for anything or anyone. It went in one ear and out the other. He was a person who went after his own head, anyone could say anything,” said Dudás to the newspaper, whose thoughts also reached the heiress living overseas.

And Timi took his words very seriously and did not wait long with the answer. “Regarding today’s newspaper articles, I ask: where did those who slandered Andy against me, the alleged ‘great friends’ go?” They wouldn’t take a flower to the cemetery 4 years ago, they just used it and pulled Andy down…” Timi said on his Instagram page, for whom the new attack did not come at a good time. As wrote a few days ago, problems may have arisen in her personal life again, and the answers given by her followers also revealed that the baby project is not progressing as well as she would like.

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