Tin Prices Soar 9.8 Percent to 27,000 US Dollars

PANGKALPINANG, — The surge in tin prices in London was unstoppable throughout Monday (27/6/2022). The base metal, widely used for soldering electronics, was up 11.7% before closing up 9.8% in late trading last night.

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Since trading on the London Metal Exchange (LME) opened in the morning, three-month contract tin strengthened by 5.9% at US$26,055 per metric ton. The rate of increase was briefly halted during the day and towards the close of night trading, tin rose to US$27,090 per metric ton.

The base metal managed to rebound after a week of pressure. But yesterday’s gains in the base metal were short-term and limited.

Tin recorded the best performance leading the increase in LME base metal prices, followed by lead prices rising 4.4%, nickel rising 3.8%, aluminum rising 1.8%, and copper rising 0.3%.