tips, advice, course… here are the 50 questions and everything you need to know to pass it

After two theoretical failures, the candidate must follow training in a school for twelve hours, with an average price of around one hundred euros. Don’t miss it, especially since the price of the theoretical test already amounts to 15 euros per session. Even if they don’t have any accidents or fines, don’t rely too much on the parents. Their knowledge of the code is sure to have small or large gaps.

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Last October, the Walloon Road Safety Agency conducted a road quiz among Walloons. Questions relating to weak road users and more particularly to cyclists gave the participants the most trouble. The rate of correct answers was only 57%. Worse, only 30% of participants knew that a motorist can ride a car on a suggested cycle lane.

The problem for a license candidate is that it is imperative to have only one serious fault out of the 50 questions asked on the exam, otherwise it is automatic failure. However, most of the serious faults listed by the highway code concern weak users.

We therefore give you the opportunity to test your knowledge with 50 questions that you may see again the day you pass your driving license (see module below).

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But that’s not all, we also offer advice on how to best prepare yourself, but also indications on the different routes you may take.

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