Tips from the Offenbach fire brigade: Safely on the road on wintry roads

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Even if the temperatures are currently very mild, driving on wintry roads can be a challenge. Appropriate preparations should be made, especially for longer car journeys or on the way to a winter holiday. The Offenbach fire brigade provides helpful tips.

First of all, it makes sense to check the vehicle before starting the journey in order to be able to rule out a car breakdown on the way as far as possible. In addition, appropriate tires should be mounted. While driving, it is advisable to take a look at the fuel gauge or the charge level display from time to time. If you unexpectedly get stuck in a long traffic jam, you need energy for heating. For this reason, you should always refuel in good time or charge the battery.

In the event of a traffic jam, form a rescue lane

If travelers get stuck in a traffic jam, it is urgently necessary to form an emergency lane immediately: “The emergency services have to get to the scene of the accident as quickly as possible in order to be able to provide immediate assistance. In addition, always make sure that the rescue lane remains clear at all times so that emergency vehicles that arrive at the scene of the accident with a delay can also pass,” appealed Uwe Sauer, head of the Offenbach fire brigade. If you are involved in an accident yourself, you should immediately put on your high-visibility vest and secure the scene of the accident with a warning triangle. “For this reason, it makes sense to take a look at the vehicle’s safety equipment in advance so that the first aid kit and the warning triangle are immediately to hand in an emergency,” Sauer continues.

“Refreshing a first aid course never hurts and is a good New Year’s resolution.” If the emergency services need to be deployed in the event of an accident, the emergency services can be contacted via the free emergency number 112. When making an emergency call, the five “Ws” should be observed:
Where is the event?
Who is calling?
What happened?
How many affected?
Waiting for questions

The speed should always be adapted to the weather, wind and road conditions so that the emergency call is not necessary at all.

(Text: PM Fire Department Offenbach)

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