Tired of waiting for your new car? Hyundai’s delivery in a month

Los supply and manufacturing issues are well known, resulting in delayed deliveries and months of waiting. The situation has created situations as strange as the increase in the prices of second-hand vehicles, the only one available here and now for those who need a car immediately. In some premium firms, such as Jaguar-Land Rover or Porsche, the average waiting time is more than five months. Some delays that force customers to incorporate patience in their purchase process, something that many are not willing to do. With the aim of conquering the most restless, Hyundai has launched the “Car looking for owner” platforma service that ensures the delivery in less than thirty days.

buying a car
Buying a new car is quite a challenge, due to the absence of models and waiting times.

A few hours ago we told you about the MSI study for Sumauto that revealed the following: three out of four cars will not be able to circulate freely in Spanish cities. The Climate Change Law will oblige all cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants to have one Low Emissions Zonewhich represents a risk for 75% of the cars currently circulating with vehicles with label A, B and C of the DGT. If insecurity has taken over you, and you want to change your car as soon as possible, buying a new vehicle can be another great challenge.

Even more so if we do not know the path to take. An uncertainty that comes, mainly, from the dalliances of the legislation. The firms, on the other hand, are demonstrating their preparation and capacity to act with the most ambitious agendas. One of them is Hyundai, with its roadmap towards clean mobility very clear: in 2035 its cars marketed in Europe will be zero emissionsreaching carbon neutrality by 2045. Objectives for which it will need to continue developing alternatives such as hydrogen, another of the key players in the automotive sector.

Buy and don’t wait

With the platformcar looking for owner” Hyundai Spain allows access to the fleet of vehicles available immediately. It is, of course, a method of acquisition completely digital and available to everyone, easy to use so that no one is left out of this new era of the automotive industry. With this innovation, the firm expresses its People Centric philosophy, which places the customer at the center with the aim of streamlining the purchasing process and provide solutions to the different situations and needs of the end user.

hyundai gamahyundai gama
Hyundai’s SUV range, available on the “car looking for owner” platform / Photo: Hyundai

In this space, which you will find on the official Hyundai website, you can check the company’s stock. Thanks to the filters you will be able to hit the model or the segment that suits you best, adapting to the current fleet for have the car in your parking lot in less than 30 days. In addition, on the portal you will have all the information on the model: equipment, colors available at that time, immediate delivery versions and other configuration issues.

How does “Car looking for owner” work?

You just have to decide what range of precio Do you have the fuel type what do you prefer, the automatic or manual transmission and even the environmental label what you need for your day to day. When you find the first options you will be able to study your technical sheet with the characteristics of the suspension, steering, wheels and weight, in addition to the feared approved consumption.

Once you find your ideal model, it will be time to opt for the definitive and completely finished version. In stock there will be some models with specific equipment, seats and design packages Exterior. Yes, how user will be able to choose that final version and the color that you like the most. Then you will be ready to request the information financial for the acquisition, at which time they will propose the monthly installments based on the 36 to 48 months of payment.