"Titanic on Wheels" – The network "blew up" a motorhome for hunting and fishing based on the GAZ-66


How do you like that, Elon Musk?

Russian craftsmen once again prove that their hands grow from the right place. On the eve of the network showed an incredible reincarnation of the old "Shishigi" – the car was turned into a real "Titanic on Wheels", equipping the interior with conveniences unthinkable for the GAZ-66.

The truck received a completely new body, a reinforced roof rack, which housed a full reserve. The driver’s cab has more comfortable seats, but the most interesting is in the passenger compartment.

GAZ-66 has a full kitchen with two gas burners, a sink, a refrigerator and a microwave. It also provides a convenient place for lunch – a table with sofas a la reserved seat.

A full double bed is an unprecedented luxury for lovers of hunting and fishing, but it is here. Also in "Shishigu" installed a TV, toilet and even a heated towel rail.

The incredible motorhome based on the GAZ-66 simply “blew up” the network. “Very beautiful”, “Clear!”, “Of course, everything is very aesthetically pleasing and interesting, but it’s cooler near a fire and with homemade shalom”, “In any dirt and snow!”, Enthusiastic motorists write.

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