TMBAM Eastspring aims to be the leader of the 68th FIF, pushing AUM total to 1 trillion.

TMB Asset Management – Thanachart Asset Management Change the new name after merging, AUM will have a total of more than 400 billion baht, making it the top 5 list of the largest asset management companies in Thailand. With 8% market share

Mr. Adisorn Sermchaiwong Managing Director Thanachart Fund Eastspring Asset Management Company (TMBAM Asset Management) (TMBAM Eastspring) and Thanachart Fund Eastspring The company announced its first business plan after taking the position several months ago, stating that it was targeting net asset value under management (AUM) to grow by 1 trillion baht by 2025 and aiming to be the leader of foreign investment funds ( FIF)

“We will build awareness and recognition for being a global investment expert. Focus on strategies to create investment opportunities through FIF in combination with East E Spring Investments With a global perspective and expertise that reinforces its strong leadership and top choice. That Thai investors think of when looking for investment opportunities abroad, “said Mr. Adisorn.

The merger between TMB Asset Management and Thanachart Asset Management is expected to be completed in July 2021 and the company name will be changed. From the present at TMB Asset Management Co., Ltd. Has a market share of 4.4% and Thanachart Asset Management Co., Ltd. 3.6%

“It is expected that after merging, there will be more than 400 billion baht of AUM totaling up to the top 5 list of the largest asset management companies in Thailand. With the official share of 8%, “said Mr. Adisorn.

As for the Thai Military Asset Management Co., Ltd. It has the strength of having the 1st FIF Fund on the market or 23% share, with the FIF Fund trading volume in 2020 growing 43% of the total value of 115 billion baht, mainly due to the growth in the second half of 2020.

For your perspective on investment TMB Asset Management and Thanachart Asset Management Evaluation of the Stock Exchange of Thailand Index (SET) year 2021 moved in a range of 1,550-1,600 points in line with the economic recovery trend. And if the COVID-19 vaccine is introduced, it is likely to be more likely to benefit tourism groups. Still at a low rate Therefore, it is better to diversify your investment abroad that yields better returns.

Asian market Expect the economy to grow better than Europe and the US. China and India especially after COVID-19 will expand significantly. Therefore, wider investment opportunities should be sought for a variety of investment portfolios.

Mr. Adisorn spoke about the events of the year 2020 at TMB Asset Management. Face the state of money flowing out from Four bond funds under management, totaling 200 billion baht, are said to have returned 80% of the money to unitholders, higher than the net asset value (NAV) that closed the division by 10-15%. We are gradually repaying over the long term of instruments that are waiting to close to get good prices. In the past, the instrument held has no default of debt.

However, the situation of the Company’s FIF fund turned better in June 2020 by opening a new FIF fund and the client switched from domestic fixed income investment to overseas equity investment. Which received very good returns and in mid-March prepared to issue four FIF funds based on investment themes: Fintech, Automation, Genomic and Internet, which is the management of ARK INNOVATION Series funds.



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