To dissolve the plaques in the arteries and keep the heart healthy, here is a winning strategy

The increase in cardiovascular and carcinogenic diseases is a fact that medicine and science have to deal with. The population, particularly in more developed countries, which suffers from problems related to the heart, circulation or cardiovascular system is quite large. This is why the interest of scientific and research activities is always aimed at improving strategic intervention, especially in those subjects most at risk due to age or clinical conditions. To dissolve the plaques in the arteries and keep the heart healthy, here is a winning strategy as proposed by an American study.

How to make the most of your lifestyle habits

Today we are increasingly aware of the harmful effects that weight gain can have on health. This is why it is important to immediately understand how many extra pounds a person is overweight. In severe cases, being overweight can turn into a morbid condition that leads to obesity. The organism that has to carry out all the basic functions in a body that has accumulated a lot of fat, has a considerable difficulty in making organs and systems work.

One organ that particularly suffers from the enormous fatigue is the heart. Overweight and obesity represent a significant risk factor for the onset of cardiovascular disease. Fortunately, food choices can help a lot in prevention at any time of the year. We have given an example with seasonal vegetables that have extraordinary effects on the heart and arteries. More information can be found in the article “Against cancer and cardiovascular diseases these fabulous vegetables can protect the body”.

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To dissolve the plaques in the arteries and keep the heart healthy, here is a winning strategy

A very recent scientific study aimed to show how training alone is sometimes not enough to improve the quality of life of obese subjects. The researchers of the American Heart Association have collected numerous data in particular on the population over 65 in a state of obesity. The evaluations revealed an extremely important data that aims to improve the clinical condition of these subjects at risk. Researchers report that the best solution to effectively prevent and act on cardiovascular risk is to combine training with weight loss.

This combined strategy makes it possible to predict favorable outcomes in elderly patients with a high weight load. We do not need drastic diets which, as we know, could lead to further imbalances. A gradual and measured calorie reduction combined with physical exercise is enough to live better and longer. This combination allows to reduce the arterial stiffness of the aorta, improving heart health. In this sense, therefore, it is always useful to rely on a doctor or specialist to start an egg food and training plan. Small steps, if taken with constancy and strong intentionality, can really lead to great results.


This is the essential accessory to lose weight by walking every day even for a few kilometers

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