This experiment is part of the measures of the law against tax fraud, adopted in October by the Parliament.

The tax administration will soon experiment monitoring social networks to fight against fraud, according to an excerpt from an interview that the Minister of Action and Public Accounts, Gérald Darmanin, gave the issue Capital M6.

"It will be permissive to see that if you have your picture taken (…) many times, with a luxury car that you can not afford, maybe it's your cousin or your girlfriend who loaned it to you, or maybe notsays Gerald Darmanin in this interview which will be broadcast Sunday night in its entirety. "These are your personal accounts that will be watched by experimentation", he said, adding that these are "Often public".

"Often public" accounts

In September, Darmanin also indicated that social media monitoring could also be used to track tax evasion fraud.

This experiment, which will be put in place "Probably at the beginning of next year", is part of the measures of the law against tax fraud, adopted in October in Parliament, which aims to give more resources to the state to combat all forms of fraud. In particular, it sets up a tax police, reinforces the sanctions, reinforces the possibility of making the names of the fraudsters public and loosens the "Bercy lock" which gives the tax authorities a monopoly on the prosecution.

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