To Fulfill Kim Jong Un’s Exhibition, Thousands of North Koreans Forced To Put 22 Hours Of Work At The Fare To Complete New Hospital Development – All Pages

Sosok.ID – Kim Jong Un is again in the spotlight after hiring thousands of North Koreans to build a hospital.

Thousands of residents consisting of school children from elementary to high school levels were forced to work in a mine with parents who should have retired.

Reported Sosok.ID from the Daily Mail, among the parents, it is alleged that some are already 75 years old.

They were mobilized to Sijung City to collect calcium carbonate and grind stone into powder at the Sijung Mine, dissident media reported.

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The material will later be used to build and paint the new Pyongyang General Hospital.

Kim Jong Un has demanded that the hospital be completed by October 10, 2020.

This date coincides with the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Labor Party.

The delay in the construction of the hospital from the set schedule occurred because North Korea received international sanctions.

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After the closed country refused to stop developing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles from a distance.

Not wanting to disappoint Kim Jong Un, Sijung’s manager was forced to hire North Koreans from all walks of life.

A source in Chagang Province told the Daily NK website:

“In early July, the Cabinet and Central Committee ordered the Sijung Mine to produce 10 tonnes of calcium carbonate for the hospital project.”

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The Daily NK, which has a number of underground ‘reporters’ in North Korea and uses cell phones to communicate with the outside world reported:

“The mine is currently operating at full capacity, and workers are forced to toss their bones in 22 hour shifts every day under the supervision of mine management.

“The mining party committee ordered the whole family to work.”

The construction of the hospital itself is almost complete, it remains only to install tiles and paint that are behind schedule.

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In North Korea, a person should retire when they are 60 years old.

However, to pursue state projects, the party raised the retirement age to 75 by working in the mines.

A source told Daily NK: “Parents with bad eyesight who can’t even walk properly are worried that their life will end in that place.

“They are very upset and condemn the officials in charge.”

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Meanwhile, officials stated that workers must collect 10 tonnes of calcium carbonate starting next month for the hospital to be completed according to the deadline set by Kim Jong Un.

Even if they have worked so hard to build the hospital, the mining workers are allegedly unable to enjoy the facility.

This is because the facility was built specifically for the North Korean elite.

Kim Jong Un is well aware that, like his father and grandfather, to maintain his power, he needs the support of the North Korean elite.

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Therefore, he bribed them by providing them with better health and recreational facilities, to maintain their support.

A fate that is completely inversely proportional to the mining workers who cannot even cultivate their own land because their time is up for work.

They are threatened with crop failure because they cannot take care of their land.

Yet the crop is their food supply during the winter which lasts several months.

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A source from Daily NK added: “They need to treat the land by applying fertilizer, but they are mobilized instead.

“To make matters worse, those who are forced to work in the mines are forced to beat their bones because they can’t eat.”


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