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To go to work, seven in ten French people took the car in 2015

In several departments of the West and South-West, this proportion rises to 85%.

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The car was in 2015 the main mode of transport of seven French in ten to get to work, according to an INSEE study released Wednesday, February 13. This proportion varies depending on the location, depending in particular on the public transport offer.

Among the other means of transport used by the 23.2 million employees living and working in France (excluding Mayotte) in 2015, are in second place public transport (16%), walking (7%) and both -wheels, motorized or not (4%), specifies the institute of statistics. Finally, 3% of French do not move to work.

In several departments, particularly in the West and South West, the proportion of employees using the car mainly goes up to 85% or more. Paris, the small crown around the capital and Lyon are the only places where public transport supplant the car, notes INSEE. In Paris, 68.6% of employees use public transport against 10.7% of the car. In Lyon, the only "city-center" province in this case, 40.7% of employees use public transport against 34.9% the car.

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72% of the inhabitants of the big Parisian crown

Elsewhere, the share of employees using public transport is reversed in favor of those taking the car: 29.7% against 39% in Grenoble, 29.9% against 41% in Strasbourg, 29.2% against 43.4% % in Bordeaux, three cities where the use of two-wheelers is the most developed, underlines the INSEE.

And the further you get from the center, the more the part of the car increases. This is the case in the outer suburbs of Paris (72%), as in the metropolitan areas of the province of more than 400,000 inhabitants (86.5%).

As for the use of public transport, it is the lowest in the poorly urbanized territories. In Cantal, Creuse, Lozère, Vendée and Gers, "Less than 2% of employees" use it, according to INSEE. The use of the car predominates "Whatever the distance", notes the Institute. Of the 7.5 million employees living and working in the same municipality, half (51%) travel by car. They are 3.3 million (14%) to travel more than 25 kilometers by car.

By professional category, executives and employees use the car less than intermediate and manual workers, but not for the same reasons. Employees work more often because they work more often near their homes, while executives, whose jobs are concentrated in the large clusters, use public transport more.

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