Very discreet in the media since the death of Johnny Hallyday, his eldest son, David Hallyday, has chosen to return to music, with his new album titled I have something to say to you. A project to be unveiled to the public at a very symbolic date. On December 5, 2017, Johnny Hallyday died of lung cancer, leaving behind a colossal musical legacy. However, the disappearance of the Taulier will trigger above all a merciless media-court war between his last wife Laeticia Hallyday and his two eldest children, David Hallyday and Laura Smet. A financial battle in which all the blows seem allowed and whose outcome, nearly a year after the death of the singer, remains more than uncertain. Laura Smet and Laeticia Hallyday each spoke in the media, one publishing a strong text a few weeks after the death of his father, the other giving three interviews when he returned to Paris, David Hallyday he has hitherto remained relatively behind. On November 11th, on the stage of the NRJ Music Awards, the son of the rocker will put an end to this silence … in music. Ilona Smet's father will perform My last letter, a strong title to Johnny. Eighteen years earlier, David Hallyday composed for his father Blood for Blood, a true declaration of love that will become the best-selling album of Taulier. Proof that it is musically that the oldest son, very modest, communicates best with his father. On the relationship between the interpreter of Envy with his first two children, everything was said. David Hallyday, himself, preferred not to pay attention to polemics. In the studio, he was preparing the album of his life, entitled I have something to say to you. Symbolically, this album will be unveiled December 7, almost a year to the day after the death of Johnny … A last nod to the one who has so marked his life? Photo Credits: Bestimage


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