To jail for alleged fraud of displaced persons

The defendant would have pretended to be a State official to promise the victims the delivery of subsidies and quotas to access social interest housing.

A guarantee control judge from Quibdó sent Nayibe Marcela Garcés Martínez to prison, allegedly implicated in the scam of several victims of forced displacement.

The interception of telephone lines showed that the defendant would have pretended to be an official of a State entity to make false offers to the victims of the armed conflict; among which are alleged compensation and quotas that would allow them to access social interest housing.

The Prosecutor’s Office determined that Garcés Martínez apparently pressured the victims to send him different amounts of money, under penalty of delaying or blocking the delivery of alleged benefits.

The test material reveals that the victims, excited about the possibility of accessing the offers, formed groups and designated nine people as their spokespersons, to lead the delivery of the resources. The Prosecutor’s Office managed to determine that the amount of the scam would have reached 350 million pesos.

For these facts, the woman was captured in Quibdó (Chocó) by CTI servers and was brought before a guarantee control judge. The Prosecutor’s Office charged him with the crime of aggravated fraud, a charge that was not accepted by the defendant.