To lengthen the life of the brain and ward off Alzheimer’s it would be better to reduce this much loved and used food

Mens sana in corpore sano, our ancient fathers said! This is in fact an absolute truth, because physical well-being goes hand in hand with mental health. Feeling good and fit helps us to live well with ourselves and in relationships with others. According to scientific research, the well-being of our body largely depends on what we eat. Following a healthy and balanced diet helps us to combat a large number of pathologies. In fact, eating healthy, practicing a little physical activity and having a correct lifestyle can guarantee a long and peaceful life. Speaking of which, here’s how to prevent this very common heart-threatening syndrome that can lead to diabetes.

The most frightening diseases certainly include neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, which are constantly increasing among the population. Although they are highly widespread, there are still no drugs capable of countering their onset but only pharmacological and rehabilitative treatments. In this regard, these drugs that protect the brain from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are extraordinary.

But the only formulas to reduce the onset are physical activity and healthy nutrition. It would seem that to lengthen the life of the brain and ward off Alzheimer’s it would be better to reduce this much loved and used food, namely sugar.

I study

According to scientists, diets high in fat and sugar could contribute to the onset of type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. This study, conducted in laboratory mice, sought to determine the impact that sucrose may have on Alzheimer’s-related neurodegenerative diseases. The findings showed that the mice given the sucrose showed a process of neuroinflammation. In particular, it has been shown that sucrose could aggravate metabolic stresses and increase Alzheimer’s-related diseases.

To lengthen the life of the brain and ward off Alzheimer’s it would be better to reduce this much loved and used food

Therefore, more and more scientific studies are suggesting how a healthy diet can reduce the risk of the onset of neurodegenerative diseases. Therefore, adopting a healthy and varied diet, rich in fruit, vegetables and omega 3 could reduce the risks of an increasingly common and feared disease. Foods that are fatty and too sugary, in addition to being dangerous for cholesterol and blood sugar levels, could also be harmful to the brain. In fact, according to scientists, high sugar levels, in addition to the classic harmful effects on health, could lead to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s. Therefore limiting the consumption of sugars could bring significant benefits to the body and brain.

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Few people know that family members of people with Alzheimer’s can get early retirement and important benefits

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