To make up 162 innings of pitching, Sho Otani pitched and played to reach the specified number of innings and seats! The only one in history | Sports | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Reporter Liu Yanchi / Comprehensive Report

▲Otani Shohei completed 502 plays and 162 innings this season, the only one in history. (Picture / flip from Angel Twitter)

There is only one inning left before the game to reach the annual required number of pitching innings. Shohei Otani started the last game of the 6 Japanese season, and also made up for the last regular game of the Angels this season, becoming the only player in major league history to pitch 162 innings and play 502 at the same time. Players on the bench.

In 1 inning, Shohei Otani was out and someone at first base hit the field with a bat, and he knocked out his 160th hit of the season. The Angels left 2 ruts in this half inning.

In the 1st inning, Shohei Otani stepped onto the mound and spent 5 strikeouts. Tony Kemp, the first bat, was a 5-ball duel. Otani slid a slider into the strike zone. Kemp stood Get a strikeout without moving.

The second bat, Sean Murphy, hit the inside corner slider with 2 good and 1 bad, and hit the center field fly ball and went out. Otani was only one out to reach the pitcher’s required number of 162 innings. The next hit was Seth Brown, who hit the wall in the 10th inning of the playoff on the 5th. Otani spent 5 balls to get him to third base. The game is in hand.

Shohei Otani became the only player in the history of the major leagues to meet the annual regulations for both pitching and hitting, with 162 pitching innings and 502 batting berths.

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