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Gaza> Associated Press (AP) and Al Jazeera say Israeli bombing of media outlets in Gaza is shocking. On Saturday, the Israeli army bombed the building, which houses several media offices, including these.

AP CEO Gary Pruitt said the Israeli bombing was a clear indication of where the media was operating. He said the collapse of the offices had prevented the outside world from reporting on the situation in Gaza. Al-Jazeera Director-General Safawat al-Kahlaut said that Israel aimed to prevent the media from reporting real information from Gaza. The Committee to Protect Journalists and Reporters Without Borders also protested.

Serdar Karagos, director general of the Turkish government-owned Anadolu news agency, told the AP and Al Jazeera that they could be allowed to use their offices in Gaza.
Javad Mehdi, the owner of the building, has denied allegations by Israeli forces that Hamas intelligence operates inside the attacked Al Jalala tower. He said the 12-storey building houses a few lawyer’s offices and engineers’ offices in addition to the international media offices. The Associated Press also rejected Israel’s allegations.

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