“In Chile is silenced and censorship. There is to know about it. There are many who for decades have fought for the freedom of expression and, today more than ever we need balance and coherent analysis/critical and diverse in the means of communication.”, said Morales in a thread of Twitter.

Hector Morales came filled to the controversial topic of the mysterious and unexpected disappearance Monica Gonzalez of the panel of “Central Table”, who yesterday was not present in the space led by Ivan Valenzuela, which generated a wave of comments in social networks, where it is charged to the signal of Andronicus Luksic directly to silence the voices of dissent to the ruling.

And while from the signal mentioned above, and massively challenged during the last few weeks have not been publicly referred to the issue, despite the fact that this Sunday, the journalist Lucia Lopez said clearly on Twitter that Gonzalez had gotten out of the programnot by his decisiontoday , the actor Héctor Morales decided to dust off some details of its “exit” from the Play, a radio station property of the broadcaster, making it clear that he was dismissed without any professional arguments in moments in which he actively participated in the marches and various activities in the context of the social explosion of our country.

“With regard to Monica gonzalez, I leave you interview in @thecliniccl where story why I was fired from a radio Play of @canal13 then that from the PRESS of the channel, as in a military dictatorship “snitches” they asked for my exit #MonicaGonzalez“ he began saying to the interpreter at the time that he attached a link of a conversation with the media alluded to where illustrates his abrupt departure.

“Before communicating the decision I called my boss and he tells me that the program was doing amazing, they were very happy with my professionalism and commitment, and that they wanted to make it grow. It was the best way to end 2019. Came the social explosion and the same head and closed his office to see me come to record the program with the flag in hand, because after I was going to the marches. I did not make any policy program, was sustainability, ecology, nothing to see, and the three weeks of the outbreak I encounter with it. We did not go to his office, I said it in the input of the radio: ‘We are wrong, the program does not continue” that was notified.

“I never got an official version, and to me it was a doubt giant. By those things of the life communicated with me someone from the union of Channel 13 and told me that my dismissal had to do with the video that went Hernán Caffiero about the irresponsibility of the media do not inform how they should, and sesgadamente, of which I also participated,” he told a few months ago in the aforementioned interview that offered to The Clinic.

“Even I knew that in a meeting that was Max Luksic (executive director of Channel 13), someone who works in the press said that it was tacky that a speaker of your radio will take shit to the media. The breath was so foul, that someone very close to Max Luksic showed him the video and two days I was out of Play“ he said at this opportunity.

Today, however, we decided to go a step further and declassified new details regarding this unfortunate episode.

“Important detail: the son of the owner of the channel, had not seen the video in which I had participated in questioning the media in their delivery of information during October. Then his partner actress I asked for the video to“publish” / the other day stay out“ ensures through a thread on Twitter in which he alludes to, without saying directly who he is, to Loreto Aravena, who for years was a partner of the executive of the tv network, Max Luksic.

“Bonus track: And for the avoidance of doubt that in Chile in the media censorship, few weeks ago from the project of interviews that I do on YouTube. A journalist I conducted an extensive interview for @biobio, which was to be for 5 min in the page”, it adds denouncing other censure to which she was subjected.

“The journalist in question called me very distressed to ask me to apologize, but he had done his job to interview me but that I couldn’t go against his boss that he had sent an e-mail where he said without further explanation that anything that makes Moral will be covered here”, says to the next line.

In Chile is silenced and censorship. There is to know about it. There are many who for decades have fought for the freedom of expression and, today more than ever we need balance and coherent analysis/critical and diverse in the means of communication. #MonicaGonzalez”, he adds in his account on the social network through an illustrative thread.

“The head of the radio that requested to download the interview clearly we know who he is, but as Chile has a poor memory we can leave it registered in this thread. Tomas Mosciatti“ ends, Moral, leaving unclear who resided the responsibility of the removal of the article.

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