To say hello to grandparents… Fans raised placards causing serious chase in the Tour de France | HYPEBEAST

On the first day of the Tour de France (Tour de France free car race), there was a chasing accident. A woman onlookers was too close to the track. The large placard in her hand collided with Tony Martin, a German player for the Jumbo-Visma team. It fell, causing almost none of the drivers behind to survive. The accident was called by the media the most serious chasing accident in history.

It happened in the first leg of the Tour de France earlier today, about 45 kilometers away from the finish line, when Allez Opi-Omi was held! (French “Come on” and German “Grandfather and Grandmother”) The woman with the slogan stepped into the track for a shooting angle. Tony Martin from Germany was unable to dodge and caused the tragedy to happen. Coincidentally, a similar accident happened at 7.6 kilometers from the finish line. Chris Froome, a four-time champion, also suffered a crash due to crowd interference on the sidelines. Although it was not serious for the first time, it also added a lot of variables to the event. In the end, Julian Alaphilippe of the Deceuninck-Quick-Step team won the victory.

After the incident, Pierre-Yves Thouault, deputy director of Tour de France, publicly condemned the perpetrators for “bad behavior” and will take legal action for warning.

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