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To start a website without previous experience

By Lisa Golden

Despite the fact that it looks like everyone and their dog have a website, some of us are somewhat skeptical of the idea. Maybe you have a business that needs a website or you just want to create your own blog, but have no experience in technology, web hosting, web design or design in general.

The good news is that you do not need any prior knowledge to create an attractive and effective website. As long as you follow a few simple rules, you'll have a great website in no time.

Please note the following:

Choice of web hosting

over RC design

This is probably the most technical thing you do need to care about. Web Hosting is basically the "place" on the internet where your website lives. It sounds like it could be complicated, right? Now that there are countless companies offering these services to beginners like you and me, it should not be too hard.

The type of hosting depends on what you need it for. Most of us need nothing more than a regular "shared hosting". This is the simplest and standard option you will find. However, if you expect a lot of traffic; I speak in millions, you can see the hosting that comes to it free VPS, That means your "place" on the internet is yours and yours alone.

Cracking web design


My sense of clothing has never been so good. I tend to mix the wrong colors and buy clothes of the wrong proportions for me. I just do not have the visual torch that others make.

I thought it would be difficult to create an attractive website. But if you have some basic tools, it's actually quite simple. Worried about choosing the right colors? Use one Color Palette Generator, You can choose a color randomly or directly from a picture you like, and you'll see all the colors and shades that match that picture.

Worried about the right proportions of your website? There is another simple rule. Less is more. Minimalism is the most attractive way, and that means you do not have to give yourself the opportunity to do much wrong. All you need is simple boxes and shapes, with the text as precise and clear as possible.

advertising texts


When you talk about the text, you have to take the text into account. This is the text that appears on your web pages and tells visitors what your site and business are about. If you have good writing aids, you can do it yourself. Just remember that you should be as direct and concise as possible. Say who and what you are and leave it at that.

If you just do not have the skills to write it yourself, hire a freelance copywriter to do the work for you. If you do not have many pages or submit information, you do not have to spend so much money.

We said that with the right tools and enough research, you've set up your website in no time.


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