To whom did they write ‘Television Talent’, Willie Colón’s famous song?

TV Talent” is one of the salsa songs that cannot be missed at a party. If you pay close attention to the letter, you will realize that Willie Colon refers to a woman, in particular, who has a lot of charisma and is indisputably beautiful. What few know is that the song is inspired by Yuyitobut who is she?

Through his YouTube channel, the Venezuelan composer, Amilcar Boscán, made a series of videos entitled ‘The History of my Songs and Compositions’. On one occasion he made reference to the song with which he participated in the reunion album, ‘Tras la storm’ (1995), by Willie Colon and Ruben Blades.

The Venezuelan singer-songwriter said that “TV Talent” was born from the observation of everyday phenomena that are usually forgotten. It all started when I watched television in the 90’s, in those years, there was a Venezuelan program called ‘Super Saturday Sensational’ where they hired an Argentine model named Yuyito.

“I saw that (…) Yuyito was a woman with many physical attributes, but, like a good Argentine, with little ear for salsa. I saw a lot of talent for other dance disciplines, but, for tropical music, I appreciated it quite poorly”, she commented.

From his observations, Amilcar Boscán had the idea of ​​making a song that dealt with the subject without mentioning the name of the model. Faced with speculation about who they wrote to “TV Talent”, the composer decided to reveal the identity of the character who was inspired to create it. In the video you can learn more about the success he represented for Willie Colon.

Who is Yuyito, the model behind ‘Television Talent’?

Amalia González, better known as Yuyito, served as an Argentine film, theater and television actress, journalist and a model. In 1982 she met Pepe Parada and Gerardo Sofovich in a restaurant, who opened the doors to the world of Argentine entertainment and television.

The one born in Buenos Aires got her popular nickname due to a role she played in the program ‘La Peluquería de Don Mateo’. She participated in about 9 film productions and 18 shows for the small screen. Likewise, she had a participation in different staging and radio programs.

Now you know Willie Colon sing in ‘TV Talent‘ about a model who existed in real life and was known under the name Yuyito. Tell us, on the social networks of Só, if you already knew this story.