¿To you? Are you also worried about the congress?


If you are, like most Peruvians, frightened by the corruption and mediocrity that every day wastes the congress, forget it, because the one that comes will be worse, even if you believe that that is impossible. It has happened for a long time: when it is believed that it is impossible to get worse, the next election ruins the illusion that Peruvians can have a congress that produces pride instead of disgust. That is expressed in a citizen disapproval which in April is between 91% according to CPI and 69% according to Datum . This result has to do with the obstacle dynamics that the congress established with the presidency of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski , so his fall did not stop muddying him. But the most salient reasons for disapproval of public opinion are the scandals that, for criminal behavior, are the protagonists of many Peruvian congressmen. No party is free from the infiltration of a crook, but the situation of FP It is calamitous, both because of the high number of congress members that he put in, and because of the verification that the quality control he carried out José Chlimper it was, in the light of the evidence, a disaster. Before CV, several FP congressmen have a record. Proponents of FP have released the species that the proliferation of denunciations to congressmen it is a blackmail of the means so that they do not approve the Mulder law about state advertising, but that is absurd in the face of what happens in this congress more mediocre and corrupt than ever. There are, without a doubt, valuable exceptions, but this is a congress made up of many fools, scoundrels or fools, in which it is often not easy to identify them. This week, the lawyer Luis Vargas Valdivia it made me notice how the senator Dirk Durbin , from Illinois, was brought down to the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, with only two questions posed with simplicity, direction and precision, without seeking personal brilliance: “In what hotel and with whom did you sleep last night?”. Can you imagine a Peruvian congressman with the ability to do the same? Congress It is a recommended play in theaters in La Plaza, with Ernesto Pimentel , that ironizes on the trapacerías of the Peruvian parliament, but that, without a doubt, is surpassed by the reality. Let them all go, many now shout against the congress, but what is coming will be worse because the electoral rules they produce this that we have today. And those who could change them are those who are now sitting in the hemicycle. It is obvious that they will never do it.

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