Tobacco shops are now becoming bank branches | Company | 06/30/2021

In the future, domestic tobacconists will also be able to buy banking products with the pack of cigarettes. The idea comes from ex-Bawag marketing director Markus Gremmel and Alfred Holzer, operators of and RadioTrafik. The pilot phase of “ProTrafik” started in June with up to 20 test traffics, the Austria-wide start is planned for autumn. At the beginning, a current account with a debit card, ATM card and consumer credit up to a maximum of 30,000 euros is offered. Furthermore, deposits and withdrawals are possible at the cash desk. We are working on further development of the services and further products are to be offered in the future.

No advice in the tobacco shop
Not only the Federal Committee of Tobacco Shoppers but also the Austrian Anadi Bank was won as a cooperation partner, the latter is to offer services such as account management, deposits and withdrawals and consumer loans. Advice is not offered in the tobacco shop. The offers are used using a tablet. The new model was coordinated with both the monopoly administration and the financial market supervisory authority. According to the company, tobacconists should be able to earn up to 1,500 euros a month through the new line of business. In return for a deposit of 1,000 euros, the tobacconist also shares in the company’s profits.

“We have been working for a long time to get new sources of income into tobacco shops. Tobacco sales are currently very satisfactory for most of us, we are posting good figures across Austria. That is only a momentum, but the perspective is different. The EU’s strategy to fight cancer envisages a tobacco-free future and aims to reduce the proportion of smokers from the current 25 percent to five percent by 2040. And some countries want to ban smoking altogether, such as New Zealand, where anyone born in 2004 or later is no longer allowed to buy cigarettes This means that our lifeline tobacco is being pushed back more and more. It is therefore essential that we act in good time and break new ground, “said Federal Committee Chairman Josef Prischl, explaining the reasons for entering the new business field.

In any case, Markus Gremmel is pleased to be working with ProTrafik as a future business partner for financial services in the tobacco shop: “I’ve known this topic for a few years
Years, but it always didn’t work out at some point. Hence we have each other
finally decided to implement the project with ProTrafik themselves and to develop the optimal solution for the Austrian tobacconists. We offer competitive products that are exclusive to the tobacco shop under our own brand. These are characterized by simple processes and can be called up on a tablet in the tobacco shop. We also have a strong and committed cooperation partner in Anadi Bank. “(gp)


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