Tobacco : the government reduces the increase in the price of cigars

Tobacco : the government reduces the increase in the price of cigars


the ministry of Health did not let go of the package of cigarettes to 10 euros, but the tobacco shops have got a gesture on the cigars. The government has tabled an amendment to the draft law of financing social Security in 2018, aims to review the trajectory of increase of the taxation of cigars and cigarillos. the ” The overall increase of the taxation is very slightly attenuated, while respecting the objective of price convergence is desired by the government “, specifies the amendment, which will be reviewed this week in the Senate.

The plan of operation of the government to increase the price of tobacco, registered in the social Security budget, originally intended to rise even more pronounced for alternative products (rolling tobacco, chewing gum or cigars), in order to avoid the effects of carry-over. With the intention that the rates for these products progressively catch up with those cigarettes, knowing that at the present time, taxation is more favourable.


Events, radars covered, operation snail on the device… tobacconists have strongly protested against this increase , but they were not the only ones. The Federation of manufacturers of cigars considered ” incomprehensible “ this path. Its representatives have pointed to the risk that smokers will abandon the cigarillos to return to cigarette smoking. Where a concession from the government, ” so as to enable the sector to adapt to the evolutions foreseen “. Other types of tobacco (snuff, rolling, chewing) are not affected by this action.

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