Today Al-Manama faces Al-Zawra for face-saving and tomorrow Al-Malikya meets the Air Force with hopes of ascension


(MENAFN – Akhbar Al Khaleej) Monday, 16 April 2018 – 01:20 There are currently two teams in Bahrain to play two postponed matches in the AFC Cup with different ambitions in the competition after the results of each of them, while Manama today seeks to save face face Zora within The second set (round 3), carrying an orphaned point, the Malikiyah faces the Iraqi Air Force in the hope of winning and remaining in the circle of competition and rise to the second round, where currently occupies the third place. In the newly opened Karbala Stadium, Manama play their postponed match of the third round against Al-Zawra, who is currently at the top of their country. Manama are entering today’s meeting with high morale after beating Al-Najmah in a marathon match and he is able to compete against the league. In which he takes account of himself when he lost from Al-Zawra in Bahrain four goals against a goal, and was ahead of the goal. There is no doubt that the pressure on Manama as a player has become less than the competition for qualification, so Shamlan can lead the team to put the Iraqi team in the bottleneck, and the possibility of disabling the pursuit of the Lebanese Covenant, and in particular that he drew with electricity before facing the podium. Al-Zawra has a huge popularity in Iraq and is the largest. Thousands of Iraqis who can present to the Karbala stadium from several provinces can now support him. He currently has six points after his draw in Karbala. Manama had fallen in front of the Syrian army with a goal. Al-Manama today depends on its experienced players, headed by Sayed Mohammed Adnan, who will be the safety valve for his team and lead his teammates to reduce the danger on the team’s goal. Mahmoud Abdurrahman (Ringo) will be the captain in the maneuver area, Cross-section within the box for team attackers. I think that Captain Mohammed Al-Shamlan has read the Iraqi team well through the previous match and also by knowing the players of Al-Zawra. Therefore, the balance between defensive and offensive situations will be balanced. He will not open the game because he knows it will be expensive. The game announced the readiness of his team to provide a good game that reflects the good preparation and honor of the Bahraini ball, praising the team of Al-Zawra and the stars. The training of Al-Zawra is supervised by the well-known Iraqi coach Ayoub Adisho, who today does not want to fall before Manama, not in a tie as he did with the Covenant, and no loss. Malikya prepares for air power: Karbala’s team arrived in Karbala yesterday, which faces the Iraqi Air Force in a postponed match of the fourth round of the first group, and will be held tomorrow at the Karbala Stadium also, and can come strong between the two sides, the Air Force wants to compete on the forefront in the face of the Jordanian island (leader) Who had 11 points against 8 for the Air Force and 6 for Al Malikiya. The two teams had already met in Bahrain and the Air Force won four goals for three. Al-Malikia were three goals clear. Captain Ahmed Saleh is aiming for an exceptional match, Al-Suwaiq has two goals, and the team is at least qualified to compete as the second best player, especially as he has a final meeting with Al-Jazeera in Bahrain, but he must first win the Air Force tomorrow. MENAFN1504201800550000ID1096736302


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