Today, the Deputy Chair of the Depok DPRD Mediated with a Truck Driver Who Was Ordered to “Push-Up” and Roll over

DEPOK, – The truck driver with the initials AM (24) is scheduled to meet with the Deputy Chairman of the Depok DPRD from the Golkar faction, Tajudi Tabri, who told him to push-up and rolling on Jalan Krukut, Limo, Depok.

The meeting is planned to be held at the Depok Police Headquarters on Monday (26/9/2022) to mediate the two parties.

The police tried to resolve the matter through restorative justive or restorative justice.

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For information, AM has reported Tajudin to the Depok Metro Resort Police (Polres).

The report has been registered with the number LP/B/2267/IX/2022/SPKT/Polres Metro Depok on September 23, 2022.

“The police will determine, there is a mechanism restorative justice. If there is a peace agreement, it will be facilitated,” said Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Endra Zulpan when confirmed, Saturday (9/24/2022).

Video when Tajudin ordered the truck driver push-up and rolling around on social media. The video was uploaded through the @depokhariini Instagram account.

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Besides telling push-upTajudin was seen on his hips and lifted his right leg, then stepped on the shoulder of the truck driver.

Meanwhile, the truck driver seemed resigned to following orders.

Tajudin Tabri’s explanation

Tajudin Tabri explained his action of ordering a truck driver push-up until rolling on Jalan Krukut, Limo, Depok, on Friday (23/9/2022).

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“I clarified the incident earlier because it was viral, personally, especially the incident because it was beyond my ability or control,” said Tajudin at a press conference in the Beji area, Depok, Friday.

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Tajudin said the truck driver had hit the barrier portal.

In fact, on the barrier there is a warning limit of vehicles that can pass.

However, the driver was considered negligent because he still forced to pass.

Therefore, local residents were furious and immediately contacted Tajudin to provide a deterrent effect on the truck driver.

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“Suddenly, a local resident called me again because no one dared to reprimand the driver,” said Tajudin.

“Finally I was spontaneous in this third incident, I peaked my emotions,” he continued.

Tajudin reiterated that his actions were based on his anger because the truck crashing into the barrier has happened again.

“Once again, my (action) is based on repeated events, if it was only once I wouldn’t be like that,” he said.

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Tajudin also apologized for ordering a truck driver push-up and roll in the middle of the road.

He admitted that he did the action spontaneously and was annoyed that the truck crashing into the portal had happened three times, although it was not done by the same driver.

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“I apologize, and earlier I also met with the toll road party for mediation,” said Tajudin.

On the other hand, Tajudin is not worried about being judged excessively by the public for imposing sanctions on truck drivers.

“Everything can be mediated, it’s not suddenly that this issue is immediately taken into account by the law. Except I’m arrogant and there’s no attempt to mediate, but there are efforts to meet the toll road party and he accepts,” he said.

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