Today, the Hungarian Oscar nominee arrives in cinemas

From Thursday, cinemas will play Péter Bergendy with prestigious festival awards Post Mortem horror. “I am confident that it will provide a liberating experience for the audience,” the director said of the film, which will represent Hungary this year at the 94th Oscar in the international film category.

The Oscar nomination came as a surprise because he didn’t expect it, but he remarked that he was particularly pleased with this because he was sending an audience film to the field of the best international film category in the country.
According to Péter Bergendy, Post Mortem can be considered the first Hungarian horror film because, after two early silent films and independent film attempts, it is now the first mainstream horror made in Hungary. The director believes that the film will be watched primarily by teenagers due to its genre, but its theme and special visual world, unusual in Hungarian films, will also capture the adult, older age group.

A Post Mortem it takes place in the harsh winter after the First World War, during the Spanish flu epidemic, somewhere in Hungary. Its protagonist is Tomás (Klem Viktor), who takes photos of the deceased among their families, who himself almost left his teeth in the war, and this trauma continues to haunt him. At the invitation of a ten-year-old girl (Hais Fruzsina), she visits a village where she is greeted by many buried dead and frightening supernatural phenomena. The wandering photographer and the little girl work together to find out how they can end the haunt.
There are computer tricks in more than 500 cuts of the two-hour historical costume horror, which were made under the supervision of VFX supervisor Zoltán Benyó in ten months. The cinematographer of the film, András Nagy, his set designer, Balázs Hujber, his mask master, Dániel Hámori and his editor, István Király, also won the Hungarian Motion Picture Award in the summer.