The original lovers of the Arab music festival and conference are on a date with a unique evening of artistic style. At 8:00 pm on Tuesday, the Grand Theater of the Opera House will be entitled "The Beautiful Time". It will include a series of the finest songs and melodies of Lebanese art giants. For the first time in the festival, the Lebanese singer "Carla Remia" with the participation of violinist André Swede accompanied by the band led by Maestro Andrea El Hajj. The second interval is directed by the star Medhat Saleh with the participation of pianist Amr Salim and accompanied by the band led by Maestro Mohamed In the Arab Music Institute Theater, the "Chromatix" band for music and singing performs a concert led by Maestro Ahmed Yousri, which includes a variety of the most famous traditional and contemporary songs.
On the other side and in the small theater, the Arab Music Conference will conclude its sessions. The first session will be held at 10 am and will be entitled "Experiences of performing Arabic music between the Arab and international reality" and its decision by Father Dr. Youssef Tannous. The reality of Arab music, Arab and international, and its decision Dr. Zine Nassar.


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