Today’s Indomaret promo, weekend discounts are still valid!

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. The Indomaret promo today is still part of the 5 Days Only promo. This Indomaret promo is valid on 14-18 August 2020. Who knows, the items included in the Indomaret promo program are suitable for your needs. Indomaret, one of the leading minimarket networks, regularly offers promo catalogs for its customers. Apart from promo prices in the Super Savings program, Indomaret also routinely offers promo prices in the Indomaret Only 3 Days promo program, Splashy Price promos, and Product of The Week promos. Also Read: Superindo promo today, 17 August 2020! The JSM Indomaret Promo Only 5 Days is an opportunity for customers to get daily necessities at lower prices than usual. In fact, some people make the Indomaret promo for only 5 days as wholesaler of goods to be sold again. However, of course, there is nothing wrong with comparing JSM Indomaret promos with promo prices from other minimarkets, including the nearest neighboring stalls. Maybe you are one of the many customers who are waiting for the JSM Indomaret promo price. Copying promo information from the official website, here are some promo catalogs that you can look at. Also Read: Register for the Tupperware promo August 2020 discount of 15%, 23% and 29% Oh, yes, complying with the Covid-19 protocol, we better not go shopping in droves as a family. Always remember to keep your distance in order to narrow the chance of getting infected as well as infecting others. Today’s Indomaret Promo Price Catalog on the next page >>>
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