Today’s Price of Palm Oil FFB Per Kilogram in Riau, Bengkulu, Jambi, and Average in 22 Provinces of Indonesia

DIY NEWS – Check out today’s palm oil FFB price per kilogram in Riau, Bengkulu, Jambi, and the average in 22 provinces in Indonesia.

The average price of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) for palm oil today is still experiencing a decline in a number of regions in Indonesia. The following is an update in Riau, Bengkulu, Jambi and 22 provinces.

Each region has a special team in determining the price of FFB per period which usually lasts a week, including updates that are often carried out in several Indonesian provinces.

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President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) some time ago banned exports crude palm oil (CPO) and raw material for cooking oil, which affected FFB prices fell in most parts of Indonesia.

Even though President Jokowi has revoked the current regulation on CPO exports, the price of FFB for palm oil is still being observed to fall.

Based on Apkasindo’s monitoring in 146 regencies/cities from 22 provinces from Aceh to Papua, the price of FFB dropped to Rp. 1,900 per kilogram.

“The average price is now only IDR 1,900 per kilogram for independent smallholders (non-partners) and IDR 2,240 per kilogram for partnered farmers,” said Gulat Manurung, Chairman of DPP Apkasindo to BETWEEN NEWSFriday, June 3, 2022.

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Today’s update on the price of FFB per kilogram in Jambi