Today’s Samsung technology is entirely dependent on renewable energy 2020


(Reuters) – Korea’s electronics giant Samsung Corp. plans to move to full reliance on renewable energy sources in its plants and offices in the United States, Europe and China by 2020, the company said on Monday. The company announced Thursday in the Korean capital Seoul that it will push this trend in the medium and long term and internationally. Greenpeace has welcomed the move after it has over the past years criticized the giant company in this regard. “Our expanded efforts demonstrate that we are focusing on protecting our planet and making our contribution as an international partner in the preservation of the environment,” said Woon Kyung Kim, the company’s director. Apple, which competed with Samsung, began years ago with renewable energy and announced in April that all its offices, computer centers, shopping malls and factories were working with renewable energies. According to the company, 23 of its suppliers committed to the transition to renewable energies. This content (today’s Samsung technology is entirely dependent on renewable energy 2020) is transmitted by the search engine site and has been moved as it is from the source ( 24 Technology ), And does not reflect the point of view of the site and not the editorial policy, but the responsibility of the news and health is the original publisher, which is 24 technology.


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