Today’s trading – Gold prices in local markets now this “today”


Today’s trading – Gold prices in local markets now this “today” Online News Today, Sunday, April 15,

The price of gold has now stabilized this “day” Sunday 2018 4 15 in the markets of Al-Sagha in Egypt with the market leave of the jeweler, while the prices of the global ounce continued to stabilize at 1346 dollars. Gold prices are now the “day” of the Republic of Egypt. As follows: Caliber 18: 565 pounds Caliber 21: 660 pounds

Caliber 24: 754 pounds Pound Gold: 5280 pounds Oats: $ 1346 Gold prices last week witnessed a major state of turmoil after hitting a high of 666 pounds per gram, causing a near-halt in buying and selling in the market.

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