Albena Koleva. BTV frame

“There’s no way the name doesn’t weigh, because my father is the greatest Bulgarian artist.” This was stated to BTV by the actress Albena Koleva, daughter of the great Todor Kolev.

“To overcome this type of burden, you have to prove yourself every day. Every failure will cost me much more than any normal person,” she added.

“Almost everything disappointed him. The collapse of our entire statehood, the collapse of art, the attitude of society towards the artist,” Koleva added.

“He was a great artist, but he managed to go through a lifelong struggle. There are an awful lot of artists who have dedicated their lives to this profession. We can’t go on with this attitude,” she said.

“There is also a serious problem with copyright, which is never respected in Bulgaria. Most artists should actually live well just from that. Have a decent life. Not to mention pensions,” she said.

“My mother taught me to recognize the fake ones from the real characters,” the actress said.


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