Together against blood cancer at the Gmoafest

Published on 06/03/2023 18:05

Together against blood cancer at the Gmoafest

The help for patients who depend on a stem cell donation continues: On Saturday, June 17th, from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., donors will be sought again at the Gmoafest in Sielenbach/Tödtenried. Holger Blaufuss from TSV Sielenbach took the initiative with him when the Bavarian sports clubs appealed to Sielenbach and decided with all those responsible for the club: “We will help as a community with all clubs!” They would be happy if many young people from the age of 17 and other interested people up to the age of 55 would be admitted to the German Bone Marrow Donor Center (DKMS) at the Gmoafest.

Under the postal code of Sielenbach and its districts, five of the 308 people who were typed up have already been able to give patients affected by the DKMS the chance of a new life through their stem cell donation. With 308 people who have been typed, 17 percent of the municipality’s citizens have already registered with the DKMS. That is an impressive number, as are the five stem cell donors from it. Christian Erhard and Franziska Staricha are two of five DKMS stem cell donors from Sielenbach.

In 2017, 225 helpful employees, as part of a joint appeal by the health management of Mayer & Söhne Druck und Mediengruppe with the Aichacher Zeitung, the Aichach district court, the Sparkasse Aichach-Schrobenhausen, Zenker Backformen GmbH, Züblin Timber GmbH, the city of Aichach and the Julius Zorn GmbH joins DKMS. Christian Erhard was one of them – as a trainee at Julius Zorn GmbH. In the spring of 2021, he was able to give a middle-aged man from Italy the chance of a new life through a peripheral blood stem cell donation. “I have already felt the announced flu symptoms when stem cell formation was stimulated. But that was over quickly. What remains is the nice feeling of having saved someone’s life,” says Christian Erhard.

Franziska Staricha (nee Moser) helped Christian Erhard to become a life giver. In 2013, she and 43 classmates were typed as trainees at Julius Zorn GmbH at the Aichach vocational school and is one of six stem cell donors from this appeal. In 2014, she also gave a then 68-year-old Dutchman the chance of a new life through a peripheral stem cell donation. And in 2017, together with her colleague and also stem cell donor Franziska Hintermüller from Dasing, she organized the above-mentioned company appeal by her employer, Julius Zorn GmbH.

More information about the typing campaign from Brigitte Lehenberger, telephone 08276/1567. You can also help financially. The help is possible without age limit: in cash on the day of the action or via the donation account. The DKMS charges 40 euros for each typing. Every euro helps save lives. The DKMS donation account is at VR Bank Neuburg-Rain eG, IBAN DE80 72169756 0000 627569 Subject: BLH 161 Sielenbach.

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