Together with friends: Schiaretti’s warning – News story

The Governor of Córdoba, Juan Schiaretti, celebrated the entry of the province into a new stage within the framework of the distancing, social, preventive and obligatory decreed by the national government, and highlighted “the responsible behavior of the people of Cordoba.”

“Córdoba becomes a unit also from the point of view of flexibility, as citizens always yearn for,” he said before the new phase 5.

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After making the announcements on the empowerment of gastronomic activity, domestic staff and masonry, the president again warned about the dangers of “new irresponsibilities” and warned: “If we do not take care of ourselves, we will return to previous phases.”

In this sense, he appealed to the responsibility of the citizens and maintained that maintaining the current flexibilities “depends on us.” “If the epidemiological level is maintained, next week we will continue to make more activities more flexible with the COE analysis,” added Schiaretti.

The governor maintained that the latest outbreaks of Covid-19 (Remedios de Escalada and Villa El Libertador neighborhoods; La Falda) were the result of “irresponsibility in holding meetings that were not allowed.”

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In this context, he recalled that meetings are authorized for the family, with a maximum of 10 people and only transfers between locations in the same department are allowed. Possibility of including friends. “We still cannot have meetings with friends,” he stressed.

Lastly, he closed: “If we continue to comply with the protocols, in compliance with what the COE indicates, if we continue together and the State continues to act taking care of our people with responsibility and prudence, planning the steps, Córdoba will continue to make it more flexible, Córdoba will continue continue to recover employment and individual freedoms. “


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