Togo: inauguration of a health center exclusively dedicated to the treatment of cancer

(Togo First) – Togo now has its first health center exclusively dedicated to the treatment of cancer. The Lomé International Cancer Center was inaugurated yesterday Thursday, November 03 by the Togolese Minister of Health, Public Hygiene and Universal Access to Care, Prof Moustafa Mijiyawa.

The new structure is located in Adidogomé Amadahomé, rue de l’Ecosse, behind the Technical High School.

Resulting from a public-private partnership, involving Franco-Luxembourgish actors, with the support of the Togolese government, the center has several devices including that of radiotherapy with VMAT technology, a modern tool for targeting cancers. The CICL is a member of an international group, active in the treatment of cancer, with representations in France and Luxembourg.

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“To treat cancer, we basically have three great weapons, surgery, radiotherapy and chemo. We already have surgeons, there is chemo being done. Here we do chemo and radiotherapy. »says Dr Adamah Diakité, Onco-radiation therapist and Medical Director of the CICL.

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“Radiotherapy did not exist in Togo. Today, in this center, it is available and not just any type, it is VMAT radiotherapy but at a lower cost. »rejoices for her part, Dr Rose Adjenou, director of the CICL. “We have taken into account the standard of living of the population and we have one of the lowest costs in the sub-region”she adds.

The director of the center also encourages citizens to get tested at least once a year.

In 2020, Togo recorded more than 5,200 new cases of cancer, and 3,468 associated deaths over the same period.

Ayi Renaud Dossavi