Togo: Water retention basin in Segbe, a worrying first test

Photo: DR

After several years of suffering and tribulations of the populations and users, the 10 km Adidogome-Segbe road was repaired and reopened to traffic at the end of August 2022. This after eight months of work. As part of the government’s emergency public works, this project operated by the Ebomaf company consisted of completely rehabilitating the track, providing it with a new coating and a new right-of-way. The time for the users to breathe a sigh of relief, we note the exiguity of this way which becomes source of many accidents. All it takes is for a vehicle to stop for the lane to be blocked. In the meantime, users do with it. In the rehabilitation project, it is also planned to build a 5-hectare water retention basin.

The idea is to meet the challenges of draining rainwater, with in the construction plan, sanitation infrastructure to drain rainwater, it says. Of course, work on the water retention basin began on both sides of the track a few months ago just at the entrance to Segbe shortly before the Post Office. The observation is that a first part has been made and cemented. Only the fence remains. But all it took was the first rain in early March for the basin to be overwhelmed. More than two weeks later, this part of the pool is still full of water.

What will happen when the rainy season really begins?

Undoubtedly, the way risks being cut off. For a test, it really is one and there is a need to take it into account to improve the work in progress.

Source: The Corrector /