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Tokio Hotel in fear: "Can anyone help us?"

The boys of the band Tokio Hotel started off as a teenager with their first single "Through the Monsoon" – everyone knew each other the next day. But the sudden glory also brought its downsides – Tom and Bill Kaulitz, 29, Georg Listing, 31, and Gustav Schäfer, 30, were hyped and persecuted by their fans until the Kaulitz twins made a life-changing decision.

    Live under permanent observation
Never before have the twins and their bandmates spoken so openly and honestly over time as Germany's most successful band, as in the Vox documentary "Artists Who Moved the World". The four guys remembered the time back when they discovered and became successful as a band. Hardly any other music group polarized as strongly as the four teenagers from Magdeburg.
The fan hysteria did not last for years – Tokio Hotel was revered and loved, but just as much hated. Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav could no longer take to the streets without security – the artists lived permanently in fear. Even in their own villa, around which the twins had built a high fence, they did not feel safe anymore.

Bill and Tom: Escape from Germany
Fans from all over the world camped in front of the villa – making camp fires next to the home of the Kaulitz brothers. A condition that the twins could not stand anymore. But as if the constant fear and long-term observation is not bad enough, 2010 strangers broke into the said house.
When the police arrived, Bill is said to have asked:
Can anyone help us?

But instead of taking the concerns of the celebrities seriously, the officials should have told them that the situation was not to change.
At that moment, Tom and Bill made a decision that would change their lives! In a night and Nebelaktion they planned their move to Los Angeles and disappeared a little later quietly and secretly from Germany. They grabbed their family and had their belongings transported by cargo ship to their new home, as they revealed in their documentary.

Tokio Hotel takes a break
After moving, Tokio Hotel withdrew from the public. The band, which was under constant observation for years, finally wanted to breathe deeply – but even in L.A., fans recognized the Kaulitz boys on the street. However, calm returned over time. The friend of Heidi Klum, 45, made it clear in the documentary that he nowadays often wishes for a life away from the public.
So if I had the choice today and (I, Editor of the Red.) Like such a few rappers could put me on such a thing and you do not know me privately, I would do it immediately.

His twin brother Bill knows:
He (Tom, editor's note) would like to be behind the camera.

The Tokio Hotel frontman, however, could hardly imagine a life away from the cameras. Bill made it clear on the show that he needed the stage and the screaming fans.

After years of calm and the flattened hype surrounding the boys, Tokio Hotel now announces that they want to tour again in 2019 – they want to inspire their fans with German and English songs.

You can not get enough of Tokio Hotel?

HERE's the music of the famous band!
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