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The Tokyo Olympics will open tomorrow (23). Players from all over the world have arrived in the local area to make final preparations. However, some foreign athletes have different complaints about the athletes’ village, including complaints about the lack of equipment in the rooms, such as the lack of TV refrigerators in the rooms and the bed frames. Made of cardboard and so on. Some athletes also pointed out that 4 to 5 athletes need to share a bathroom, but the ceiling is too low for some taller athletes, so they have to bow their heads to get in and out of the bathroom.

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Comprehensive media reports and contestants’ “complaints” can be summarized as the following 6 “crimes” of the contestants’ villages, including:

1. The room lacks a TV refrigerator

The Russian national team criticized Too’s player village in Harumi in Tokyo Bay for its narrow rooms, lack of TVs and refrigerators, and insufficient bathrooms. It required 4 to 5 athletes to share a bathroom. It was described as “Medieval Japan” and questioned Too. Do you welcome players from all over the world?Russian female tennis player Elena Vesnina even revealed that there is no soap in the bathroom.

The coach of the Russian fencing team, Ilgar Mammadov, has participated in the 9th Olympic Games in a row. Regarding the environment of the East Olympics Village, he angrily criticized:

“I have never seen such a bad player village. The player village should make the athletes feel comfortable and relaxed. This time we are really surprised! It is hard to imagine that this is Japan in the 21st century. It is simply the Middle Ages. The athletes are so pitiful.”

In this regard, the chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee Hashimoto Seiko said that the athletes’ village is well-equipped, and that he will confirm the matter as soon as possible, solve the TV and refrigerator problems, and will also take emergency measures in accordance with the needs of the Russian athletes. Toshiro Muto, secretary-general of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, said that he heard this situation for the first time, saying that the athletes’ village should be a place where athletes feel comfortable. He believes that the East Olympics is fully prepared, but he will also listen to the opinions of all parties. And improve it.

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2. The air-conditioning remote control is only available in Japanese

Canadian female tennis player Gabriela Dabrowski recently posted a series of related information on InstagramLimited-time dynamics of the player village room.She said that the air-conditioning remote control in the roomButtonIt’s all in Japanese, and most foreign players can’t read it. Gabriela had toAsk netizens for help through social platforms.

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3. Room and bathroom ceilings are too low

Russian men’s volleyball player Yaroslav Podlesnykh is 1.98 meters tall.He recently shared photos and showed the bathroom environment on social platforms,I saw that he could barely stand up straight in the bathroom.The top of his head is almost close to the ceiling;His teammate Artem Volvich, who is 2.13 meters tall, even put his head against the ceiling. He couldn’t stand upright when he entered and exited the bathroom. He needed to bend his head down to avoid hitting his head.

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1.98 meters tallRussiaKaren Khachanov, male tennis player, also filmedSharing the room environment, I saw that his head was about to touch the bathroom ceiling;Brazilian professional tennis player Marcelo Melo, who is 2.03 meters tall, also shared a photo on Instagram. He saw his head completely against the ceiling and his neck facing the camera. He said with a smile: “Some adjustments are needed.”

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Russian TV host Dmitry Guberniev also went to Tokyo with the national team. He found that he could not take a shower with the shower hung in the bathroom. He could only hold the shower or squat in the bathtub to take a shower; however, sometimes he was half-washed. There will be no hot water suddenly.

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4. “Paper bed”

Some contestants said that the bed frame in the room was made of paper, or could not bear the weight of the human body, and the width was only about 90 cm, which was even smaller than the average single bed. Australian women’s tennis player Ellen Perez felt that after falling asleep, she would fall off the bed and get injured.

American long-distance runner Paul Chelimo posted on Twitter a few days ago, questioning the installation of a “paper bed” in the East Olympics Village. The purpose is to prevent intimacy between the runners. Some foreign media even described the “paper bed” as “Anti-sex bed (” Anti-sex bed)”.

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However, Irish gymnast Rhys McClenaghan filmed the film to share the actual measurement of the bed frame, and jumped vigorously on the bed frame, the bed board is still intact. The organizer stated that the cardboard bed frame was chosen for environmental protection reasons. Whether it is a bed frame or a mattress, it will be recycled after the competition. It also emphasized that the cardboard bed frame can withstand a weight of 200 kg (approximately 440 pounds).

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5. Payment method

“Al Jazeera” (Al Jazeera) English-language producer Tristan Redman said on Twitter that the player village can only buy food with Visa credit cards, not cash. However, as stated on the official website of Dongyun, Visa credit card or cash payment can be used.

6. Beverage machine

Some foreign media said that drink vending machines near the player village are expensive, with a bottle of Coke priced at 280 yen (about 20 Hong Kong dollars).

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