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You can shine in sports even if you are over 40! Oksana Chusovitina, a 46-year-old Uzbek gymnast, participated in the first Olympic Games in 1992 and won the first gold medal. She originally planned to retire in 1996, but because her 3-year-old son suffered from leukemia commonly known as blood cancer, she had to return to sports to raise medical expenses. Although her son has long since healed, she hasn’t retired and played in the Olympic Games for the 8th time this year. She had foretold that this will be her last Olympic Games, but unfortunately she will not be able to enter the vault finals, ending her nearly 30-year gymnastics career ahead of schedule.

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According to comprehensive foreign media reports, 46-year-old Shu Suyun Tianna from Uzbekistan is a gymnast. She represented the Soviet Union in youth competitions in 1987 and has since embarked on an athlete career. In 1991, when she was 16 years old, she participated in the World Championships and appeared on the international stage. Since the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, Oksana has participated in every Olympics and won the women’s gymnastics team championship for the first time. The only Olympic gold medal.

Since the disintegration of the Soviet Union at the end of 1991, Shu Suyun Tianna has represented Uzbekistan. After retiring in 1996, she married wrestler Bakhodir Kurbanov and gave birth to her son Alisher in 1999. However, in 2002, Shu Suyun Tianna’s 3-year-old son was diagnosed with leukemia. If he did not receive chemotherapy within a month, she would be life-threatening; she moved her family to Germany to treat her son, but the medical expenses were as high as 100,000. Euro (about 910,000 Hong Kong dollars), she had to cash out from the seller, and even begged Uzbekistan to let her compete on behalf of Germany in order to pay for the huge medical expenses.

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Participate in winning prizes to raise medical expenses for his son

Since then, Shu Suyun Tianna has been relying on participating in the competition to win prizes and winning prizes to treat her son’s illness. She once declared: “If my son does not heal in a day, I will stick to it. He is my motivation.” She was from 2003 to 2006. He played for Uzbekistan during the years and won the gold medal in the World Championships vault in 2003. She represented Germany in 2006, participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympics at the age of 33, and won the silver medal in individual vaulting. Fortunately, in 2016, Shu Suyun Tianna’s son was cured, she also represented Uzbekistan in the Rio Olympics again and won the 7th place in the vaulting horse.

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East Olympics is the last horse vaulting event

This year’s Tokyo Olympics is the 8th Olympic Games that Shu Suyun Tianna has participated in in her career, and she served as the flag bearer for the opening ceremony for the first time. Regarding the Olympic Games being held one year later, she said in an interview that she would have one more year to prepare for the game and there would be more time to improve technology.

“The delay in the Olympic Games may have a greater impact on young players, and I have no problem at all. After all, I have practiced for many years, and my muscles have memory, and a little less competition will have no effect.”

She also stated that the Tokyo Olympics was her last competition, and she bluntly said: “I am 46 years old, and this decision will not change.” Shu Suyun Tianna played the last horse vaulting competition in her gymnastic career on Sunday (25th) night Although she missed the finals, everyone on the scene stood up and applauded. The emcee also thanked her for her contribution to gymnastics. She was moved to tears and waved and made heart-shaped gestures to everyone. She described after the game:

“It’s really great, I shed tears of happiness, because so many people have always supported me.”

Shu Suyun Tianna hopes to spend more time with her family after she retires. She said: “My son is 22 years old this year. I want to spend more time with him and become a competent mother and wife.”

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