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tolerate threatening with “stones”

by archyw

He did censor one of Vox for saying “a man cannot get pregnant”

By now the political bias of Twitter is more than evident, but it is still astonishing to see how far it is taking it.

Twitter censors a Vox deputy for saying “a man cannot get pregnant”
Twitter tolerates messages outright inciting to attack and kill Vox members

A madman threatens with “stones” and wishes all Galicians death

This afternoon, in response to a thread that I posted on my Twitter account to spread my entry today on the Day of Galician Letters (an entry with which you may or may not agree, but written without insults and without inciting violence against anyone, as I have as a rule in everything I write on this blog), An individual who claims to be called “Arturo” answered me the following:

I translate for those who do not know Galician: “We would have to treat you, as they treat you in the Basque Country … with stones”.

It is not the first time that I have been threatened in this way. I have received worse things. But I am clear that I am not going to let any one of those who are dedicated to threatening others pass by for having a different opinion. So I reported that message to Twitter and also this one posted last year by the same individual:

I translate: Gallegos = peasant faces, Galicia cannot have such a population as a son of a bitch. I hope they all die, I am not sorry that their houses are burned, because they know who it is and shut up, fuck it up the ass ”.

Twitter says that this threat with “stones” does not violate its rules

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If this is not incitement to hatred and violence, they will tell me what it is… Well then: Twitter has already answered me to the first report, indicating the following to my total astonishment: “After reviewing the available information, We do not consider that the content you reported violates our rules “. It is awe. Much talk about eradicating “hate messages”, but if those messages come from the left, then Twitter allows them.

Yes, he censured a Vox deputy for saying “a man cannot get pregnant”

However, a few days ago Twitter did censor a Vox deputy for saying “a man cannot get pregnant.” In other words: if you are on the right, on Twitter you cannot even state a biological obviousness, but If you are on the left, you can threaten with “stones” because Twitter will not suspend your account. The thing about Twitter is a bloody shame and a clear complicity with the violence of the left, in all words.

Twitter has also tolerated death threats against Vox members

Recall that in recent months, Twitter tolerated messages from left-wing extremists threatening to attack the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, and also messages threatening to attack and kill other members of that party. At the same time, that American company censored the Vox account at the gates of the Catalan elections for a message that did not contain any violent content, and censored the account of a Vox deputy for writing the word “machirulo”, which is very commonly used by left-wing tweeters. I look forward to the laws that are being prepared in Poland and Hungary to curb political censorship on Twitter, and that could lead to fines for social networks. It is good that ideological censorship against right-wing users is combined with the open bar to threats from leftists.

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