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Tolls on six stretches of road will now end

by archyw

The stop in tolls applies to the following sections:

* E6 / E18 Østfold package (Viken) with the sections Melleby-Momarken, Knapstad-Retvet and Riksgrensen-Ørje

* Fv. 25 Jørstad-Segelstad bridge (Gausdal / Lillehammer, Inland)

* Fv. 311 Presterødbakken (Tønsberg, Vestfold and Telemark)

* Fv. 34 Grime-Vesleelva (Dokka-Gjøvik, Inland)

* The T-Connection (Karmøy-Tysvær-Haugesund, Rogaland)

* Finnfast (Finnøy-Rennesøy, Rogaland)

The halt comes after the government parties and the FRP in the revised national budget agreed on NOK 750 million in grants for the toll projects.


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